Sponsorship Agreement Intellectual Property

That clause shall also lay down the period within which payment must be made, including the method of payment; If the amount is to be paid in instalments or lump sum, it must be fixed in the agreement. 26. INTEGRATION This Agreement represents the entire understanding of the Parties and revokes and replaces all prior agreements between the Parties and is intended as the definitive expression of their agreement. It may only be signed in writing by the parties and amended or supplemented with express reference to this Agreement. This agreement takes precedence over all other documents that may be contrary to this agreement. 6.5 You agree not to use the Event Marks in any way that we believe involves us entering into a partnership or business agreement (with the exception of sponsoring the Event) or supporting any part of your business, trade name or style. D. Neither party will modify, modify or mask the other party`s marks, or use the other party`s marks in a manner that denigrates the other party or its goods or services or that represents the other party or its products or services in a false, anti-competitive or bad light. Each Party shall respond to requests from the other Party regarding the form of use of the other Party`s marks and shall avoid any act that would reduce the value of such marks. Unauthorized use of the other party`s trademarks is strictly prohibited.

At the end of this Agreement and upon written request, the Party receiving the intellectual or intellectual property and/or information from the requesting Party under this Agreement shall transmit that information to the requesting Party. This is a very simple but essential clause in the agreement. As a general rule, the parties decide on the amount of the aid fee.

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